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Rose Quartz Cuff Bracelet Raw Rose Quartz Jewelry Raw Gemstone Jewelry

Rose Quartz Cuff Bracelet Raw Rose Quartz Jewelry Raw Gemstone Jewelry


Go in style with this delightfully decadent raw stone rose gold bracelet. Cleverly designed with understated grace and elegance, this cuff bracelet is adorned in a winning combination of hand crushed rose quartz and Herkimer Diamonds.

Herkimer diamonds are considered a balance stone by giving the wearer mental, spiritual and physical balance as well as providing protection again negative energy. Herkimer Diamonds are a form of quartz not an actual diamond but are referred to as diamonds because of their superior clarity and sparkle. The diamond originates from Herkimer New York. Rose quartz is said to give its wearer inner peace and helps in all matters pertaining to love in all its forms.

The bracelet is one size fits most, but the ends are slightly adjustable for a snugger fit. The bar on the bracelet measures 7mm X 38mm at widest point. The cuff bracelet itself is nickel and lead free gold electroplated brass. Because of the nature of the construction of the bracelet it is advised to avoid contact with water to preserve the integrity of the piece.

Please note: this listing is for a bracelet of same design, bracelets may vary slightly from the picture as Mother Nature rarely duplicates herself. So size, shape and color of crystals may vary.

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